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Created by Iovan around 2009, Dragonball Advent Truth is a RPI (Roleplay-Intensive) MUD that has stood against the test of time and evolved over the past decade+, offering players a unique venue for roleplaying in the Dragonball universe. Set in an alternate timeline where the Saiyan empire of Vegeta separated from King Cold and still survives to this day, Advent Truth's setting offers a unique blend of familiar, fleshed out, what-if, and homebrew elements focused on the North Galaxy of Universe 7.

Beyond roleplaying, there are the obvious MUD elements with a vast amount of PvE content to whet one's appetite for exploring and fighting using the game's more engaging combat systems, including a unique combo system for hand-to-hand/martial arts combat. Progression feels weighty and impactful, with over a dozen different races to play all with their own unique quirks and potential playstyles enhanced further based off of which Sensei you choose for your skills and the Traits you choose to further flesh out a playstyle. With the ability to take over planets and the presence of immortals who can handle NPCs, events, and alter the very planets based on the actions of the players through roleplay, Advent Truth offers a unique RP experience in the DBZ universe like none other in the MUD-verse.

* Leveling system 1-100 with the ability to advance one's vitals (Powerlevel, Ki, Stamina) beyond 100.
* Stats covering Strength, Agility, Speed, Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom which can be trained and raised with stat bonuses on equipment up to 100 each.
* Sensei system at character creation determining your starting planet and skills available to learn and practice, with other trainers around the game that can teach additional skills.
* 16 total races with 8 standard Sensei and 6 race-exclusive Sensei, along with a negative/positive traits system allowing for a wide variety of character options.
* RPP (roleplaying points) system that emphasizes roleplay first, opening access to certain races, equipment, and offering character boosts as a supplement/alternative to grinding.
* Playable Races from the Start: Human, Halfbreed (Saiyan/Human hybrids only), Icer (Frieza race), Konatsu (Tapion race), Namekian, Mutant (customizable aliens), Arlian, Kanassan, Demon, Kai, T(r)uffle, Android.
* Playable Races with RPP: Majin, Bio-Android, Saiyan, Hoshijin (homebrew alien race).
* Tons of rooms available with fully explorable space, 6 major planets, 4 backwater planets, and multiple other locations to discover. Also an Afterlife with Hell, Snake Way, and more.
* Dynamic combat with a combo system for unarmed combat, flashy tiered ki attacks, and a variety of weapon types available.
* PvP and PK possible with both requiring suitable RP buildup.
* Yearly(ish) character wipes and timeline resets ("eras") to keep things fresh, with no two eras ever being quite alike.
* Personal housing and purchasable space ships available.
* NPC loot drops with a wide variety of equipment options with the ability to restring equipment for your own custom look.
* Scouters behave as one would expect in the Dragonball universe with weaker models able to explode.
* Crafting in the form of Cooking and Build skills.
* Ability to kill NPCs off and take over planets through RP.
* No permadeath and loot loss on death can be mitigated through worn backpacks or other containers.
* Active immortal staff with regular friendly veterans willing to help out.
* Grouping/Party system with sensei leadership bonuses and no level restrictions between members.
* Dragonballs that spawn in-game throughout the game world with an interactive wish system upon summoning Shenron.
* Minimal Dragonball Super elements currently in-game, some GT elements mixed in such as non-LSSJ Saiyans having SSJ4 as their final transformation and the Shadow Dragons potentially spawning from dragonball overuse, but primary focus is on DBZ.
* Active Coder currently working on allowing a lot more changes and updates to be made in the future.

Note: We now handle all communication and handling of biographies/RP logs through Discord as our old site of advent-truth.com and forums have unfortunately been bought out (do not go to that site as it's now a malicious one!). Our host name also had to change from advent-truth.com to mushhaven.com with redirect attempts being shut down by the previous host. Despite these struggles we have maintained a decent player count with friendly players and imms more than willing to help new folks out.

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Host: mushhaven.com
Port: 1280