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Reincarnation of one of the best worlds that has passed a long way of evolution.

Dive into the most interesting Fantasy World.

Enter the mystical realm of Crusify: The Chosen, a gripping and immersive MUD experience like no other.
Set in a world where divine powers clash and ancient secrets await discovery,
you are the chosen hero destined to shape the fate of an entire universe.

Here you can play for 13 classes with additional 2-3 specializations which are changing the gameplay.
Choose one of 16 races to your liking.
Join one of 9 clans, each with its own history, enemies and rules.
Many areas with worthy opponents will not let you get bored.

Automatic events - Global Quests, Wars, Happy Hours with additional bonuses.
The System of Bonus Flags gives a bonus to the owner, depending on his favorite
type of activity - be it questing, PK-killing or Participation in global Quests, etc.
Additionally, there are quests in areas for an interesting pastime and additional rewards.

PK system is restricted by level and type of PK: red PK(for more risk players who want more adrenaline)
and yellow PK(more safe but still interesting)

The Automatic Quest System allows you to earn points and spend them on wonderful items of equipment and services.
The In-Game Equipment search system will help you find the best for your level without websites.

Unique remort system: rebirth - at the maximum level, you can be reborn with a choice of another class
and race, receive small bonuses to start a new life with the same character.

There is very good help where you can find answers to all your questions.

And many, many more...

The World has revived and is developing - and of course "Crusify" is waiting for you, Hero!

Grapevine Name Crusify
Server Anatolia

Ways to Connect


Port: 5000