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For millennia on Earth, life thrived. It changed. It evolved.

Man built civilizations. Destroyed them. And then he, too, evolved. Mutants appeared.

But man has never been content to wait for Mother Nature to do as she will. He took evolution into his own hands. The first super soldier was created.

Aliens hiding among the human population were revealed. Then came the aliens who weren't so good at hiding.

But man doesn't even need superhuman abilities to change the face of the world around him. Since the days of Cain and Abel, there have been forces of good and evil, and they struggle in the heart of man. Someone seeks to harm his brother out of jealousy or malice; someone seeks to intervene. It is also an age of vigilantes.

The rest of the population seeks to just survive, and that is why across the globe various metahuman registration efforts have been discussed or implemented. The inhabitants of Earth still often forget that their neighbor is their brother, and many seek to mark heroes and villains alike and make anonymity impossible.

…And this is just the start.

Common Descent MUSH is a online, text-based collaborative roleplaying game that seeks to combine our favorite comic book worlds into a singular universe, and also to allow new original characters to interact with them. Characters are invited to join in the regular struggles that will either preserve or destroy the people of Earth—or maybe just their local communities—and chart the course of the future for generations still to come.

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