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Inventive Austrian MUD, created by informatics students at the Vienna University of Technology. Beutelland is based on an entirely new MUDLib called RoleMUD, which offers a wide range of features like colourfulness, maps, day/night change, weather, extralogins, a.m.m. It is a home for programmers who could not implement their crazy ideas in other MUDs.

Beutelland features fantasy themes of basically Tolkinian flavour, but doesn't take anything too seriously (some say not serious at all - which is a blatant lie, of course). Anyhow, ardent readers of fantasy & science fiction literature as well as computer gamers will surely encounter many allusions to classic genre representatives.

The world - mythically created by the holy Beuteltier (zool. marsupial, opossum) - contains differing climate/culture zones like rolling hills, mountains, dark woods, viking islands, dense jungle, and even outer space.
Players can choose a hometown/region of their liking. Eligible races up to now include Dwarfs, Humans, Hobbits, and Elves; NPCs will show up in whatever form our coders imagination can spawn. (Items too.)

Guilds and Trades are under construction, but we offer >20 Quests of increasing difficulty, lots of interesting details to explore, treasures to find, monsters to kill, and of course many interesting people to meet.

If you speak (any variant of) German and don't mind persisting Austriacisms, you will always be welcome in Beutelland. For further information, please have a look at our website.

Grapevine Name Beutelland
Server RoleMUD

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Port: 5678