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The year is 2064, and the world has been reforged in the fires of magic, technology, and greed. Orks, Trolls, Elves, and other races straight out of fantasy roam the streets, along with new and unfamiliar mutations inflicted on the populace in a traumatic event known as the SURGE. Cybernetic implants and arcane workings grant incredible power to those who can afford to wield them, and information– the most valuable resource in 2064– is stolen and traded by expert hackers with homemade VR rigs. Dominating this landscape are the mega-corporations, wielding nigh-limitless political clout and conducting shadow wars while an unsuspecting populace happily consumes their products.

As a Shadowrunner, you are one of the freelance agents hired to do various organizations' dirty work (and turn a healthy profit in the process). There are many paths you can take on your road to success, and many ways you can grow in power and influence in the Seattle community:

- Do you want to be a Decker, hacking information from the virtual-reality Matrix?
- A Street Samurai, dominating the battlefield with your cybernetic enhancements and massive personal firepower?
- An Adept, honing your body and mind to magic-enhanced perfection?
- A Hermetic mage, using arcane formulae and metaphysical knowledge to control the forces of magic?
- A Shaman, wielding power through your connection to the natural world?

Whatever path you choose to follow, good luck– the shadows are a dangerous place to make a living.

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Grapevine Name AwakeCE
Server AwakeMUD Community Edition, version 0.9.0 BETA

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Port: 4000