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Aliens vs. Predator: The MUD is set in the Aliens vs Predator universe of Dark Horse comics and 20th Century Fox fame. After 21 glorious years of operation we are currently in the midst of a revisionary Renaissance.

AvP is an open PK MUD with regular hack'n'slash gameplay mixed in. We feature perpetual violent racewar, clans, vehicles, guns and ranged combat, explosives, and more!

Play as the USCMC marine and assault zones. Create perimeter defenses around your field base with claymores, sentry guns, and alarm systems. Call for air support if you need an ammo resupply, an airstrike, an anti-xeno hive powersuit, squad reinforcements, or an orbital nuke (it's the only way to be sure). Exterminate xeno scum and their hives with iconic Aliens weaponry such as the M41A Pulse Rifle, M56 Smartgun, and M240 Incinerator.

Play as the biomechanical Xenomorph in service to the Queen. Spread hiving throughout zones to create a natural combat bonus for your race. Take the Queen's eggs and create your own hives across the game world. Ambush your prey with your natural skills and rip them to shreds and bathe in their blood.

Play as the stealthy Yautja (Predator) and claim the skulls of your enemies. Hunt and track your prey while invisible with your shift-suit and tracking mask. Collect skulls and trade them for iconic Predator equipment like wrist blades, hunting masks, plasmacasters, and netguns.

You won't find ANY stock mobs, objects, or rooms in AvP - the game world is 100% unique and original. What you WILL find is plenty of excitement and fast and furious action to get your heart pumping.


(Not affiliated with Dark Horse Comics or 20th Century Fox. Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator / Alien vs Predator are copyrights owned by both parties.)

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Port: 4000