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Aelisus officially opened its gates on May 7th, 2021 after a year of beta. Its world is original, always changing and exciting. It is a roleplaying enforced, player killing encouraged (but optional) MUD. Marred by a global conflict between two invading entities and a host of native deities, its future hangs in the balance between these forces and their followers. Will you champion order, joining the Empire to enforce the laws of the land -perhaps eventually becoming King? Or do the primal Sacari, fierce combatants of the old ways, call you to test your mettle and vanquish the unnatural? Perhaps still you covet the secrets the Occult and the chaotic forces of the void and time itself. Time will tell.

Aelisus has applied a balancing mechanic to all items within it to make sure that there are always many viable options to dress your character. You can gain extensive, hard-earned loot for your efforts, be that from the world of Aelisus, or off the backs of others who have gathered their own items. The world is massive, with over 10,000 unique rooms for you to explore. A massive variety of race and class combinations allows Aelisus endless replayability for as long as your creativity flows.

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Port: 1848