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Accursed Lands is a free Multi User Domain, a game that lets you take on a character and interact with people all over the world in a medieval, fantasy setting.

Explore the vast world of Terrinor and its six million plus fully-detailed locations. Fortune is waiting for those who dare to venture into its far reaches. Perhaps your journey will take you flying through the clouds, or exploring the depths of the oceans in our underwater cities. Or maybe you'd prefer to keep your feet firmly on dry ground, even searching the dark depths of the colossal underdark caverns for wealth and glory. Only the bold or cunning survive on Terrinor's scarred surface, but perhaps you might just make your fortune... and then set down your roots and build a home, a town, or even an empire?

Accursed Lands is set to mark the next generation in online text environments with some of the most sophisticated features ever seen in a multi-user domain. To find out more about this amazing place, have a look at our features section, and once you've seen enough, come in and enter our world.

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Twitter @AccursedLands
Grapevine Name AccursedLands
Server FluffOS

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Port: 8000