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There is a world beyond the one you know... shrouded by the mists of time, the world of Avatar waits for you to step beyond the veil and enter its lands. Those who venture here will discover a truly vast world.

Make your choice from twenty-four races available to all and, with time, fifteen additional races that can be gained through rebirth when you have gained enough power. These unique races, such as dragons, griffons, demons and golems are few in number and truly a wonder to behold.

In addition to our seven basic classes, players willing to search the corners of the realm can unlock several potent prestige classes...druids, mindbenders, shadowfists are amongst these. For those who seek even more possibility, with time be reborn as a dark sorceror, wicked assassin, mad berzerker, noble paladin and more! How will you proceed with your adventure? Will you choose the way of steel and bravery or magic and wisdom?

The Immortals have spent a great deal of time and effort creating a unique world to explore. From your beginnings as a low mortal, through the following tiers of Hero, Lord and eventually Legend you will have many chances to grow in power while new features, skills and abilities are added as you progress. Not only do the Immortals seek to ever improve the game, with the help from dedicated teams focused on for instance building and questing they seek to give you an ever changing fun filled experience.

The playerbase is extensive and hails from all over the world, spread across thousands of rooms and multiple planes of existence.
The Immortals and Angels watch over you, and seek to welcome players of all different backgrounds and skill levels to the family-friendly yet fierce world they have created.

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Host: avatar.outland.org
Port: 3000