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Aadaria: Rebitrth was created in 2014 by Tijer,we are based upon the AoD codebase by Shryp our aim was to bring a decent version of the Aadaria codebase for the players.

Aadaria" Rebirth currently has the following Races:

Demon, Heucuva, Human, Minotaur, Pixie, Satyr, Titan, Treant, Troll and Vampire

With the following classes over 2 Tiers:

Tier 1: Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Druid, Acolyte Tier 2: Wizard, Priest, Mercenary, Gladiator, Strider, Sage, Lich

We also feature the following:
* Missions (player achievements).
* Exploration Code (Room/Object/Mobile)
* Forge System - Collect Metals to Make equipment
* Fully Automated Quest System
* GQuests - Similar to the above system but with multiple mobs, and allows mutiple players to take part.
* Arena System
* Spam Toggles - Allows you to remove various messages from your screen.
* Alias system - Allows multiple command substitutions
* PK System - PK rules automated to prevent illegal interference.
* Looting point system installed for looting to limit looting of harder to obtain items. (5 points per corpse)
* PK Records - Automatic saving of all your kills / deaths and the opponents you were fighting including level / clan. (pkcheck command)
* Item Storage - Can store extra equipment in the various banks.
* Top Charts - Shows top ranking players in various categories.
* Checkstat Command - Can dump the contents of various game_tables to see stats on races / classes / skills / groups / etc.
* Mobile AI - Some mobiles act more like players and less like punching bags.
* Automated Clans - All the clan building is done by the players and not the Immortals.
* Index Command - Will locate all matching help files
* Lookup Command - Allows you to find directions to areas.
* Run Command - Allows speed walking certain directions. Can be used with area names for automatic lookup of directions.
* Plist Command - Functions as a cross between who and finger.
* Racial Command - Controls your racial affects.
* Revive Command - Allows you to hire a mortician to locate your corpses.
* A fully functional OLC (Online Creation) which allows things to be modifed online without the need for reboots.

We are aiming to re-code most of features from our previous codebase, and are looking for dedicated coders/builders and players.

Discord Server Invite Discord
Grapevine Name ADR
Server Aadaria

Ways to Connect


Host: aadaria.net
Port: 1111