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Ancient Anguish is a free, text-based adventure game that opened to the public in February, 1992. Today it is one of the largest and most popular MUDs (multi-user domains) around.

The world of Ancient Anguish is full of detailed descriptions, magic, and fantasy adventure. Explore some highlights below:
Detailed and consistent medieval theme.
11 classes, 5 races, 8 guilds, each with special abilities.
17 weapon types and a comprehensive skill system.
Thousands of items, armors, and weapons.
Unique items are rare and have special properties.
A friendly environment and training tutorial for new players.
Optional PvP (Player vs Player) combat.
Bounty system lets players hunt criminals for a reward.
Roleplaying is encouraged, but not required.
Maps in-game provide a colored view of the environment.
Fully customize the appearance of your character.
Advanced trait system makes every character unique.
Many quests to complete, and countless adventures.
Players can have an unlimited number of characters.
Free training program for those who want to code.

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Port: 2222