Pinwheel is a new MUD engine built entirely in ES6 (JavaScript). It doesn't require a database and can be online for players within moments of downloading. Originally based on Shawn Biddle's Ranvier, Pinwheel is a rewrite of the engine and its bundles into a highly opinionated format. The engine makes decisions about world persistence and core features so you can focus on building your world and community.

During the development of Pinwheel, Snakelines will serve as a catalyst for engine's opinions. Even though it's being used to showcase the features of the engine, Snakelines is also a game being developed in earnest. The development of Snakelines is in its infancy and drives many of the decisions behind this project. Snakelines is based on worldbuilding materials that have been crafted for nearly a decade and applied in various mediums.

Grapevine Name Snakelines
Server Pinwheel 0.5.0

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